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Teddy Bears Picnic with The Hey Diddles


This year it’s not just the children who will be singing along and joining in with the Hey Diddles Summer Show, it’s their teddy bears too, because, the fabulous Hey Diddles will be returning to Kirklees theatres throughout the Summer months  with an interactive Teddy Bears Picnic show.  


Teddy bears will play such an important part in this year’s show that, to ensure that they’re not forgotten, they’re even being given their own ticket to get into the show!


The interactive show, aimed specifically at pre-school and early years’ children is being brought to theatres across Kirklees and will include, as always, action songs, nursery rhymes and tunes beloved of children everywhere.


The Hey Diddles are an up and coming children’s theatre group from Holmfirth regularly billed as England’s answer to The Wiggles.  They provide a colourful, high energy show aimed specifically at pre-school and early years children.  The trio encourage the audience to join in with the actions, shout out answers, sing and dance along.  


Sally Norton, Poppy Red Diddle says “Parents can bring even the youngest child to watch our show, safe in the knowledge that they'll not only be amongst a like-minded audience, but also that the entertainment on the stage is specifically aimed at them."   


Zoe Scott, Skye Blue Diddle adds "We also have an educational message into our show too –and have simple counting songs, rhymes about colours etc.    We have even include simple messages about saying  please and thank you, being sorry and about making friends!" 


As well as performing in theatres across Kirklees, the Hey Diddles also regularly perform in schools, nurseries and playgroups and are even travelling as far as Nottingham to perform in a nursery.


“We are very excited to perform our Teddy Bears’ Picnic show to all the boys and girls in Kirklees” says Lisa Kendall, Sunny Yellow Diddle.   We have so many songs that need help from both our audience and any attending teddy bears”.


So, if you are a small child or a teddy bear and are looking for entertainment this summer, why not have a word with an adult and come along to join in with us.   We’d be so delighted to see you.

© 2014 The Hey Diddles


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